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Athletic scholarship Explore our service

At PROREITMA, we prepare you to acquire the required sports and academic performance necessary to become a student sports scholar, studying in a US university with a scholarship that permits you to play college level sports. The Advantages of being an athletic scholar are as follows but not limited to:

» Paying little to no tuition for a quality university education

» Playing in university sports teams and competing before thousands of student supporters and fans in an ideal sports environment.

» Preparing ground for a professional career in sports upon graduation if desired

» Exposure to talent hunters.

» Possible recruitment into national team

The prep program prepares athletes for athletic scholarships in the domain of soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, track and field and taekwondo. All of these sports apply to both the male and female category

a. Requirements to Qualify For an Athletic Scholarship.

» Must have at least GCE advanced level certificate or Baccalaureat. (students can enroll in sports training and exam prep classes while awaiting GCE Advanced level or Baccalaureat)

» Good score in TOEFL or SAT (prep classes at PROREITMA).

» Must be less than 24 years.

» Must have a good level of sports. (PROREITMA offers training from beginner level to professional levels).

» Play any of the following sports (male and female); Soccer | Basketball | Tennis | Track and Field | Taekwondo | Volleyball | Wrestling

Below are some testimonies and videos from students who have gone through PROREITMA’s ASPP. They obtained Athletic Scholarship in American Universities.



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Eugenie Chris Minionne Ngo

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Linda Ingridson

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Marilyne Kamegne

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Mutang Sonita

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Estelle Tatiana Badoedana E.

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Yvonne Kamegne

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BIBA Ornella

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