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History How we started

Emmanuel Matiafa Tantoh founded this project after carrying out research in the area of physical training and talent identification in Sports. Being a professional and having coached and followed-up several youths who have excelled in the sports profession. PROREITMA was instituted in order to lead more talented youths to their sports destinies. Below is a rundown of how PROREITMA came to light and some of its oeuvres since.

In 1996/1997, the founder conducted a research on “The impact of football (soccer) In the Elite Championship in Cameroon”. The findings of this research revealed that clubs that won championships/cups of Cameroon where owners of football schools. This implies that; a club, no matter the discipline stands a high chance of winning the championships if they have a school that ensures adequate training from childhood to adulthood. At this point, he formed a football academy made up of young boys and girls who trained daily and participated in and won several competitions.

A research on the Physical Training of Athletes was conducted in 2004/2005 proved that players on the same team with the same technique quality will have a difference at the level of physical fitness. At this point, in partnership with fitness centers around town, PROREITMA began doing fitness programs.

For his Professional Doctorate cycle Diploma in Athletic Training and Performance, the founder carried out research on how to identify Talent in 2014/2015. It is then that he began seeking ways to not only identify these talents but also the expose them to opportunities out there. Due to the high level of performance in his trainees, a partnership was signed with INTERRECRUIT, a legal US based structure that connects under privileged athletes to coaches and institutions in their database for the obtention of scholarships in the domain of sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, Track and Field, tennis and wrestling.

Considering these opportunities and professional experiences, it was necessary to put in place a mechanism to detect talent in children as early as (nursery, primary, secondary and high schools) so the candidates are ready to be beneficiaries of an athletic scholarship as soon as they obtain their A levels/Baccalaureate/High school Diploma.