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GAMO KAMDEM Catina J. Beneficiary

My name is Gamo Kamdem Catina Johnson. I’m from Cameroon, I was born and raised in Cameroon where I started to play Tennis at the age of five years old with my father. Actually I am living in united State of America where I continuous to play tennis for my college which names Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, and take education in nursing career.

I started practice Tennis in 2011 with my coach Tantoh Matiafa Emmanuel who is the best coach and DTN in Cameroon. In fact before I get in United States of America, I have spent six years with coach Matiafa who got me firstly at the top of the Cameroon women tennis during these six years, and then he made me won the most important competition in Africa: The CAN of 2014.

I met Coach Emmanuel Matiafa in Cameroon-Yaoundé, at Asoy (American School of Yaoundé) in 2011.

Before I met him I was in ITF center which is now located in Morocco. My tennis level was not really fluid and natural, he promised to get me in a higher level after six months, but only two months after we started practice I was already on a higher level. I won my first senior tournament after two months of practice with him. And during the six next years of practice with Coach Emmanuel Matiafa, I lost only one tournament and that was due to my bad attitude and behavior (in fact some time I can be a very bad student).

During and after I met Matiafa I have improved a lot, not only with my tennis level but also with my behavior and education.

None of my lessons was pay. Matiafa was training me without received any money from me or my mother because we were not affordable to pay him as correct as it was supposed to be. In fact we can notice that Emmanuel Matiafa is a pretty nice person with a great heart.

Since I am in United States of America, I continuous to benefit the knowledge of Emmanuel Matifa in all life aspect. I cannot say how I feel blessed and how I am proud to have met someone like him in my Life.

Address: 2802 Moore hwy Tifton, GA31793
Facebook: catina Johnson catine

At the American School of Yaounde (ASOY)

At the American School of Yaounde (ASOY)

Renovating ASOY basketball court

Renovating ASOY basketball court

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