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Having a successful career in the vast industry of sports is a dream which only very few will eventually achieve. Unfortunately, only few have the opportunity to have good mentorship and guidance in the right direction. There have been several cases of athletes given false hope, others who are promised a successful career in exchange for a lump sum. Others have spent millions traveling to various countries in search of fertile ground to launch their career in sports. Yet, there have been as many failures as attempts. The reason for this is the absence of orientation. PROREITMA is here with the goal to activate necessary skill and know how that will lead to the accomplishment of young people, with Africa being its primary target.

As a young person preparing to set foot in the sports domain, there are basically two options that can be explored. The first is playing professional sports and the other is playing college sports. The reality of both is that, the platform of Professional sports is very small and can only accommodate a limited number of young professional athletes due to limited outstanding players who meet the highly required criteria. However, playing college sports is a more fruitful option as there is high demand by various higher institutions who offer sports scholarships for talented student athletes around the world.

PROREITMA is a sports scholarship agency that not only offers training in various amateur and professional level sports, it also offers language training to scholarship applicants and to the general public. It was founded in 1997 as a talent identification and promotion structure that molded young talents and pointed them in the right path.

PROREITMA offers a wide range of services in the domain of sports and education. Sports being our main domain of expertise, we also offer academic and professional training that enable young people and adults to enrich themselves with the tools they will need to excel in whatever career line they may chose.

Being the first of its kind in Cameroon and Africa at large, in line with the vision of the Cameroonian government and that of UNESCO on the stabilization and insertion of youths via sports, this project has been approved by the ministerial decision; 2018/072/MINSEP/SG/DNSOS/SDN/SDA. With this coverage, we stand in the light to carry out our activities in all legality and legitimacy.



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